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Create a support ticket

Step Description Screenshot
Step 1

On the Menu Bar, click 'Log New Support Ticket'

Create support 1 new.jpg
Step 2

The ‘Submit a Request’ form will now appear. Fill out the details of your request and click Submit

Create support 2 new.jpg
Step 3

You will now be directed to the Wisenet Home page and your support ticket request will be allocated a support ticket number.

Reply to a Support Ticket

NOTE: There are two ways of replying to a support ticket.

1. Update via the Wisenet Portal

Step Description Screenshot
Step 1

On the Menu Bar click Help

Reply support 1 new.jpg
Step 2

Click on the 'View existing tickets'

Reply support 2 new.jpg
Step 3

The list of support tickets will now open. Click on the relevant ticket

Reply support 3 nnew.jpg
Step 4

Add more information into the 'Add your reply' text box, click 'Add reply'

Reply support 4 new.jpg

2. Update via Email

Step Description Screenshot
Log into your Email

Place your cursor on '##- Please type your reply above this line -##' and start typing your reply. Click Send

Reply support 5 new.jpg

Watch the Help Centre video

Introduction to the new Help Centre

File Types in Support Items

In the optional Attach A File area, you can upload one or more files. The following file types can be uploaded:

gif jpg txt rtf doc docx pdf xls xlsx ppt pptx jpeg png bmp html htm pnb vsd zip rar 7z csvComma Separated Values - A very simple type of spreadsheet file

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