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It is the responsibility of the portal administrator to set up users, modify users and deactivate users within their Institute.

If a support or telephone call is made directly to Wisenet requesting for access level to be altered by the user, they will be referred back to the portal administrator. The Portal Administrator should be able to make the decision on what access levels all users within the Institute require to complete their job role.

Note: if the Portal Administrator leaves the Institute and there is no 2nd Portal Administrator a formal letter from the Managing Director or CEO to Wisenet is required authorising for changes to occur.

Wisenet security levels have two broad types of access:


LRM Access Roles


The admin role is able to complete all actions in LRM. You should be careful when assigning this role. Key things an Admin can do that a user cannot:


This role is designed to complete the majority of student administration tasks. Minus the setup and important actions assigned to Admin.


The trainer role is locked down to only be able to use the Trainer App. The Trainer App is designed to allow Trainers to view and manage records that they are linked to as a Trainer. The Portal Admin is able to configure the Trainer App and modify what actions the Trainer can do. See the Trainer App setting options.

Student Support

This role is design to provide a restricted view for any student in Wisenet. They can:


This role is purely a read-only role. It is useful for auditing purposes.

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