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Note: Only Portal Administrators can access this feature

How to modify or delete a user

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. On the Menu bar, click Users. The Manage Users Summary page will open - for each profile, this will list the number of:
    • Current Users
    • Invitations that have been sent, accepted, expired, declined and cancelled
  3. Identify the User. There are two ways to search to view current users:
    • Click on the current user number for the relevant profile, or
    • In the Profile drop down, select the relevant profile
  4. A list of users matching your search will be returned. Click Modify at the far right under Action
  5. The User’s current access will appear:
    Image portal user product permissions screen shot.png
    To change a user's access
    • Select the access you wish to give them - see Wise.NET Portal: User Privilege Levels. Note: Assigning access level Admin against setting Portal will make that user a Portal Administrator.
    • Click Save
    To disable a user
    • Click None for each product
    • Click Save
    • This will permanently delete the user account from the Wisenet Portal for this organisation. You will be presented with a warning message, click Okay.

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