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The Wisenet Integration Platform allows seamless integration between the following Wisenet applications such as:

Our Integration Platform is designed to allow for optimised workflow and the sharing of data and information between each application. We are continually improving our integration points and and will add even greater functionality over time. While there is integration between nearly all of our applications in one form or another, the following information is focusing on specific data flow between our Student Administration, Finance, CRMCustomer Relationship Management and eLearning applications.

Getting Started Common Integration Tasks SugarCRM and Xero fields mapped to Wisenet Troubleshooting
Introducing the Wise.NET Integration Platform

How to set up integration

How to synchronise records across applications

How Wise.NET students are enrolled into Moodle

How to link your Wise.NET Courses to Moodle

What gets integrated

Wise.NET Client integration fields in plain English

Wise.NET Workplace integration fields in plain English

Wise.NET integration fields: technical

Integration: FAQ

Wise.NET Portal: Integration History

Troubleshooting: Integration

Integration: Merged Client Records

Integration: Application Support Policy

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