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What is uReport?

uReport is self-service custom course enrolment documents.

uReport gives you the freedom to create and update custom templates as your business evolves and expands. We recognise that you need these templates quickly and easily.

  • Now you can update the style, look or content as quickly as editing a Word doc and uploading a file. Use uReport for Credentials, Letters of Offer, Welcome Letters, CANs, and more.
  • We have pre-designed some generic templates. You can download and tweak these - add your logo, choose from over 200 fonts, change the wording, change the layout. The changes can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Run a uReport in bulk for a course offer, individually for a client or automatically with Learncycle.

  • Send the personalised uReport document to each client as an email attachment
  • The documents will be saved in the client enrolment record and can be downloaded, printed, or emailed to clients.

How it works

Image uReport generate.png Image arrow solid right.png Image uReport saved and sent.png

Where to start

Take a look at the How-to Videos or jump right in and create a template

For the full low-down, we have much more detailed information

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