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Before you send out a SurveyMonkey survey from within Wisenet:

You can send out a survey to a collector group directly from as Wisenet course offer.



  1. Go to CourseIn Wise.NET a course is usually a qualification or short course Offer> Enrolments
  2. Select the students you want to send to
  3. In the action menu, click 'send survey emails'
    Image screenshot co enrolment action send survey email.PNG
  4. Select a previously created survey. The box will show the list of surveys you have created in SurveyMonkey
    Image screenshot surveymonkey select a survey.PNG
  5. Select a previously created collector. The box will show the list of collectors you have created in SurveyMonkey
    Image screenshot surveymonkey select a collector group.PNG
  6. (Optional) select more clients
    Image screenshot surveymonkey select more clients.PNG
  7. customise your email text and send
    Image screenshot surveymonkey edit email text.PNG

Get the web link for a survey

For instance, you may like to add the web link to a Moodle course.

  1. Go to the survey section in qReportWise.NET reports. Access through top navigation in Wise.NET
    Image screenshot surveymonkey summary of surveys sent.PNG
  2. 'Click to load connectors', then copy and paste whichever link you want
    Image screenshot surveymonkey click to load connectors.PNG

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