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SugarCRM is the world's leading provider of open source customer relationship management (CRMCustomer Relationship Management) software.

SugarCRM and Wisenet work together so that you can manage opportunities in CRMCustomer Relationship Management and then convert a closed sale into an enrolment in Wisenet without rekeying data.

Getting Started Key Tasks Developer Resources & Plugins Troubleshooting and Other Resources

Introduction to SugarCRM (External link)

Introducing the Wise.NET Integration Platform

Setup BYO Configuration

How to set up integration

Sugar CRM & Wise.NET: Importing Data

Mobile Application

SugarCRM: Mobile Devices

SugarCRM: Create an Account

SugarCRM: Create a Contact

SugarCRM: Create an Opportunity

SugarCRM: Log a Call

Create a Campaign

Create a Target List

Create a Target

SugarCRM: Reports

How to synchronise records across applications

SugarCRM Training Resources

SugarCRM: Training Resources at

SugarCRM Developer & Technical Resources

Web to Lead Form

SOAP Webservices

YouTube: SugarCRM - Disable InsideView Connector

Plugin Guides

SugarCRM Plugins (at

SugarCRM: Outlook Plugin

Installing the Sugar Plug-in for Outlook (at

Syncing SugarCRM and Outlook contacts and activities(at

Third party site Free online HTML editor

SugarCRM: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting: Integration

Wise.NET Integration Platform Main Page

Wise.NET Portal: Integration History

Wise.NET Client integration fields in plain English

Wise.NET Workplace integration fields in plain English

SugarCRM Resources

Sugar 6.5 CRM Guide

SugarCRM Master Agreement

See Also

CRM: Student Administration Main Page

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