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First time in Wisenet LRM? Let's Get Started has help with logging in and navigating.

The following is a guide to setting up Wisenet LRM. Once you have finished these steps, contact Wisenet on 800 616 2286 to organise your training.

About this guide

This guide provides an index to articles to help you set up your Wisenet LRM database. As you work through each article, you can return to this page by clicking on the following icon in the 'See Also' section:

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Government reporting implications

  • There are many fields throughout Wisenet that must be completed for compliance with CPE reporting.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions carefully to check Organisation Details, Location Details, Course Setup and Unit Setup, including running and checking the appropriate qReports, to avoid reporting errors after adding enrolments.

Set up guide

Step Why should I do this? Article Links

Step 1

Enter Organisation Details

Enter your organisation's contact and registration details
  • This is mandatory for all Training Organisations that are required to do Government reporting (such as FPS reporting etc)
  • Highly recommended for all other training providers to add a 'Fee for Service' contract
Organisation: Add Organisation Details Singapore

Step 2

Add delivery locations

Enter your delivery locations. This is necessary for all training providers who:
  • Do internal reporting
  • Deliver in more than one location

It is highly recommended for all other training providers

Locations: Add & edit a location (Singapore)
Step 3

Customise drop down lists

Throughout Wise.NET there are customisable dropdown lists (also known as 'Categories' which enables you to 'tag' or group records for internal reporting purposes.

There are many customisable drop down lists, and you can set them up over time. However, we recommend the following:

Assessment Methods Enables you to populate the assessment methods used against a unit on a training plan
Venues If you intend to use the Timetable section or want to record which venue the training occurred at. A Venue is a classroom name (Not the actual Address)
Target group

(CourseIn Wise.NET a course is usually a qualification or short course Offer Registration)

Recommended to tag a course enrolment as a local or international enrolment
Wise.NET categories: Drop Down Menus
Step 4

Customise Checklists

The checklist function in Wise.NET is essentially an electronic 'to do list' - you can:
  • Schedule tasks and record their completion
  • Use them to collect data unique to your training organisation
  • Report on Checklists that are due for completion or overdue for completion

Note: This step is very essential to calculate your FPS installments and to run your student contracts.

Go to the Checklists: Create, edit or delete a Checklist Item page to set up the checklists.

FPS:Set up Tuition and Non-Tuition Fees

Step 5

Add Courses & Units

Add all the Courses & Units you deliver. Ensure that the code and description matches with what you have registered with CPE.

  • If you need to add any units, tag them as Core or Elective.

Courses: Add a Course

Units: Add a Unit

Units: Tag the units you deliver as Core or Elective

Step 6

Ureport and Message Templates

Your message and document generation can be completely consistent and on-brand when you use our customisable templates

  • uReport templates for documents such as Letter of Offer and Certificates
  • message templates for email messages

This step is also essential if you plan to use Learncycle Automation

UReport: Introducing uReport

Messages: Introducing Message Templates

Learncycle: Introducing Learncycle

Step 7

Set up Staff Details

The Staff section is where you record details of your Organisation’s staff, including: trainers, assessors, education & training managers, administrators or consultants/contractors.

In this section, you can also upload documents that are required for internal or auditing purposes such as:

  • Qualifications and Certificates
  • CV / Resumes
  • Police checks
Go to the Staff: Main Page or follow 3 steps below:
Step 8

Set up Learner App (Optional)

The Learner App is the student portal which allows your participants to access information such as their timetables and course progress. Students are also able to update their contact details.

Note: Optional. Skip this step if you are not planning to allow learners to log in. You can always set this up later.

You should set this up if you intend to give your student access to:

  1. The Student Portal
  2. elearning Courses
Go to the Student Portal: Main Page page to set up the following:
  1. Set up the Welcome message on the Home page
  2. Through the Wisenet portal select the options you want your students to have access to.
  3. Set up the MyWise.NET: Email Templates
Next Steps

Set up CourseIn Wise.NET a course is usually a qualification or short course Offers, Add Students and Add enrolments

Once these tasks have been completed you are ready to start using your database and book your training in. Please contact 800 616 2286 to book your training.

You can now start setting up CourseIn Wise.NET a course is usually a qualification or short course Offers, adding and enrolling students.

Course Offers: Introducing Course Offers

FPS:Specify Fees for Student Enrolments

Students: Add a Student

Enrol: Add student enrolments

Once these tasks have been completed you are ready to take your training. Please contact 800 616 2286 to book. You may like to look ahead at the full picture of managing student administration with Wise.NET in the Overview of Wise.NET.

See Also

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