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First time? refer to the Let's Get Started article for help with logging in and navigating.

The following is a guide to setting up the Wisenet application. The setup is designed to help fast track your onboarding.


About this guide

This guide provides an index to articles to help you set up your Wisenet application. As you work through each article, you can return to this page by clicking on the following icon in the 'See Also' section: Image set up guide aus.png

Setup guide

Note: You must be logged into Wisenet to complete the following steps. Please contact us on 1300 365 384 if you haven't received the user invitation.

There are two parts to the setup:

  1. Portal Setup
  2. LRM Setup

Portal Setup

There are two access levels for the Portal: Portal User and Portal Administrator.

The following setup information is only available for Portal Administrators.

Step What should I do? Article Links

Access and becoming familiar

  1. Invite other users who will need access prior to training
  2. Familiarise yourself with logging a ticket
  3. Click around the other applications to view URLs
  4. Click into the Apps tab to connect to Xero and SurveyMonkey
  5. Use the Walkme tutorials for guided help

Note: There is no limit on the number of allowed users. User accounts should not be shared for security purposes

Create a new User

Modify and delete users

Create & update a support ticket

View URLs for your Wisenet products

Know your My Account tab

If you are not an RTO(AUS) Registered Training Organisation, you can skip this step

There are a number of settings that you can customise via your Wisenet Portal. You do not need to set these all up now; however, the key settings that you need to set up relate to exports:
Export email Enter the email address you would like exports to be sent to - mandatory if you deliver VET(AUS) Vocation Education and Training Courses
USI Integration This allows you to validate Learner USI records.
VSN(AUS) Victoria Student Number Integration If you deliver accredited training in Victoria, you must undertake VSN(AUS) Victoria Student Number reporting. Wisenet has a webservice with the Victorian government to automate this reporting for you.
CHESSN Integration If you are a VET(AUS) Vocation Education and Training FEE Help Provider, you must enter your HEIMS username and password so that you can link with the CHESSN system
View and Edit portal settings

Victorian Student Number (VSN)

Enter & update your HEIMS Admin CHESSN login & Password

Student Numbers:USI Verification services

LRM Setup

The following setup information must be completed by Administrators/Compliance Officers. Click on the LRM.JPG icon to enter the application.

Step What should I do? Article Links
Step 1

Enter Organisation Details

Enter your organisation's contact and registration details
  • This is mandatory for all Training Organisations that are required to do Government reporting (such as AVETMISS(AUS) Australian government reporting instrument, Competency Completion reporting etc)
  • Highly recommended for all other training providers to add a 'Fee for Service' contract
Organisation: Add Organisation Details
Step 2

Add Contracts

This is a mandatory step for all VET(AUS) Vocation Education and Training providers. All VET(AUS) Vocation Education and Training students are under one of two broad types of contracts:
  • Fee For Service
  • Funded

It is highly recommended for all other training organisations.

Add a new Contract and Training schedule
Step 3

Add delivery locations

Enter your delivery locations. This is mandatory for all training providers who:
  • Do government reporting
  • Do internal reporting
  • Deliver in more than one location
  • Are VET(AUS) Vocation Education and Training providers

It is highly recommended for all other training providers

Locations: Add and edit a Location (Australia)
Step 4

Add Workplaces & Schools (Optional)

You can record and track Workplaces and Schools in the Workplaces section. You should complete this step if you:
  1. Deliver training on behalf of employers or other organisations (such as charity groups)
  2. Deliver training on behalf of schools
  3. Deliver VET(AUS) Vocation Education and Training in School
  4. Send students on Field Placements or Work Experience
  5. Are an enterprise RTO(AUS) Registered Training Organisation
  6. Are an L&D Department
Workplaces: Add or Edit Workplaces
Step 5

Setup Staff Details

The Staff section is where you record details of your Organisation’s staff, including: trainers, assessors, education & training managers, administrators or consultants/contractors.

In this section, you can also upload documents that are required for internal or auditing purposes such as:

  • Qualifications and Certificates
  • CV / Resumes
  • Working with Children / Minors checks
  • Police checks
Go to the Staff: Main Page or follow 3 steps below:
  1. Staff: Add & Edit Staff
  2. Staff: Link staff to Courses & Units (mandatory for training organisations subject to audit)
  3. Logbook: Add a File Note
Step 6

Check Courses uploaded for you

Check the Courses and Units that Wisenet uploaded for you (if applicable) to ensure that all course and units are uploaded and have AVETMISS(AUS) Australian government reporting instrument details entered:

  1. Check and edit (if applicable) the CourseIn Wise.NET a course is usually a qualification or short course details
  2. Mark your VET(AUS) Vocation Education and Training Fee Help Approved Courses (if you are a VET(AUS) Vocation Education and Training Fee Help approved provider)
  3. Tag the units that you deliver as Core or Elective
  4. Check and edit (if applicable) the units that you deliver

Courses & Units: Check and edit Course Details

VET Fee Help: Marking your VFH Approved Courses

Units: Tag the units you deliver as Core or Elective

Units: Check & Edit Units

Step 7

Add remaining Courses & Units

Add Courses & Units that Wisenet cannot upload for you (e.g. Non-accredited courses, Higher Ed courses, Non-VET(AUS) Vocation Education and Training English courses, Internal Courses etc )

Courses: Add a Course

Units: Add a Unit

Step 8

Set up Learner App (Optional)

The Learner App allows Learners to access their personal details and course enrolment. There are a number of configuration options to tailor the Learner App to your organisations needs.

Note: Optional. Skip this step if you are not planning to allow Learners to log in. You can always set this up later.

You should set this up if you intend to provide Learner access to:

  1. Learner App
  2. Elearning Courses
Go to the Student Portal: Main Page page to set up the following:
  1. Set up the Welcome message on the Home page
  2. Through the Wisenet portal select the options you want your Learners to have access to.
  3. Set up the MyWise.NET: Email Templates
Step 9

Set up Ureport and Message Templates (Optional)

Your message and document generation can be completely consistent and on-brand when you use our customisable templates

  • uReport templates for documents such as Letter of Offer and Certificates
  • message templates for email messages

This step is also essential if you plan to use Learncycle Automation or Overnight CAN/Invoice for VFH

UReport: Introducing uReport

Messages: Introducing Message Templates

Learncycle: Introducing Learncycle

Scheduled Automated Activities: Send VFH CAN/Invoice

Next Steps

Set up CourseIn Wise.NET a course is usually a qualification or short course Offers, Add Students and Add enrolments

Once these tasks have been completed you are ready to start using the application and can book your training in. Please contact 1300 365 384 to book your training.

You can now start setting up CourseIn Wise.NET a course is usually a qualification or short course Offers, adding and enrolling students.

Course Offers: Introducing Course Offers

Students: Add a Student

Enrol: Add student enrolments

Further Information

VFH & FH providers: see the HEIMS Help guide to changing student management systems

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