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qReportWise.NET reports. Access through top navigation in Wise.NET uReport
'QReport' stands for 'query reporting'. It is a powerful reporting tool that allows you to do:
  1. Data integrity checks
  2. Audit trail reports for quality assurance purposes
  3. Data counts
  4. Produce reports for third parties (such as employers and government bodies)

New to Wise.NET? See Introducing qReport

uReport: self service custom course enrolment documents

uReport was designed to give our clients more accessibility to their report templates, granting you the freedom to create and update custom templates as your business evolves and expands. We recognise that you need these templates quickly and easily, and that is where the uReport tool comes in handy in that it reduces wait times between creating and updating templates such as Credentials, Letters of Offer, Welcome Letters, CANS reports, and more.

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Introducing qReport

QReport: Main page

Finding the right report

QReport: Report Guide

QReport: Common qReports

QReport: Finance Integration Reports

Run a basic qReport

Run an Advanced qReport

Set up a Subscription qReport


Mail Merge main page

Audit log and Audit qReports

Warning Letters

RTO closure

QReport: Troubleshooting Reports

QReport: Abbreviations

Exports: Australia

AQTF Competency Completion Reports


VET Fee Help: Exports

QReport: AVETMISS data integrity reports

Exports: New Zealand

SDR: Main Page

NZQA Reporting

Data Integrity Reports NZ

Getting started Specific Report Formats uReport Templates Other Resources & Troubleshooting
Introducing uReport

uReport: How-to Videos

Create a Template

Generate a Report

Migrate from qReportWise.NET reports. Access through top navigation in Wise.NET to uReport

  • Been using a custom qReportWise.NET reports. Access through top navigation in Wise.NET?
  • Ready to have the font choice, formatting freedom and easy updating of uReport?

Learn how in this article: Migrate from qReport to uReport

Letter of Offer

Generate a Credential

Australia specific

Generate a Training Plan

State-specific fields for Training Plans

USI: Prevent Issue of Credentials if No Verified USI

WA Enrolment Invoice

FEE HELP and VET(AUS) Vocation Education and Training FEE HELP

Fee Help: Generate a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)

VET Fee Help: Generate a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)


Generate a student contract - Singapore

Templates overview

Create a Template

Upload and Manage Templates add new version and set inactive

Test a Template

Template Types

Template Tips and Tricks

Insert Merge Field

Specific template formats

Create a CAN Template

Create a Letter Of Offer Template

Units in Credential Templates

UReport: Troubleshooting

About Templates

About Regions

About Fields

UReport: Audit Trail

Available Fonts

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