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First time in Wisenet Student Administration?

Looking for an overview of the Wisenet Education platform?

  • Our main Integration page at Wise.NET Integration Platform shows how the different applications work together to improve data flow in your business.

Want to know how Wisenet can help your organisation comply with the EduTrust Certification Scheme?

Download the Wise.NET EduTrust Companion Guide which can provide you an overview of how Wisenet can help you manage your compliance requirements.


Phases of using Wisenet Student Administration

Before you begin setup:

  • This workflow describes the implementation process of Wisenet within a typical organisation
  • In some cases we are able to import client data for you: see HR Import. Usually for larger organisations only. Fee applies.

Set up

This phase is carried out once only when you first start using Wisenet for Student Administration. From then on, you will only need to update this information if it changes. Enter data about your organisation and its:

See the setup guides for step-by-step instructions through this simple process and extra information about all areas of Wisenet:

Image set up guide aus.png Image set up guide nz.png Image set up guide sg.png

Using Wisenet Student Administration Day to Day

Manage Enrolments

This phase is repeated as part of your normal cycle of operations. The first time you do this phase it will take a bit longer as you complete initial setup of course offers and establish your organisation's conventions and processes for using Wisenet.

See the Enrolment Management Guide for step by step instructions through this process:

Image enrolment management guide.png Image Enrolment Management Guide SG.png

Reporting with qReportWise.NET reports. Access through top navigation in Wise.NET

This phase is ongoing as you refine your preferences, understanding and requirements around reporting.

Wisenet has extensive reporting capability and is fully compliant with Australian and New Zealand government reporting standards. Hundreds of reports are available to assist you in tracking and reporting your organisation's performance. Our Wise.NET Resource Centre has full information on how to export government compliant (AVETMISS & CQR, SDR, NZQA) reports from your Wisenet database and an ever-increasing troubleshooting section to assist you in resolving any errors.

Running data integrity checks regularly helps to prevent costly reporting errors, and audit log reports let you keep your finger on the pulse of user activity within Wisenet.

See the Report Guide to review all available report types. We recommend you review all available types and set up those needed for your organisation.

Image report guide.png

Completion and Checking

This phase is repeated annually or at the end of delivery cycle.

At the end of each delivery cycle there will be course offers and timetables that need to be marked as completed. This is also an excellent time to review qReportWise.NET reports. Access through top navigation in Wise.NET subscriptions, Wisenet Student Administration and Portal user accounts for staff, uncompleted checklist items and any other occasional jobs to leave your Wisenet database ready for the following cycle.

See the Completion and Checking Guide for a list of tasks:

Image completion guide.png

See Also

Setup Guide: Wise.NET Implementation Workflow

Let's Get Started for first-time users

Students: Student Lifecycle end-to-end instructions from first enrolment to final credential.

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