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Mail Merge is a function that produces multiple documents from a single template where each document contains unique elements sourced from your Wisenet database. Using mail merge, you can streamline the production of bulk letters, mailing labels or envelopes, and labels (Requires a Label Maker that has with MS Office compatible software). For example, you can quickly produce a letter for twenty clients with details unique to each client (eg. their name, postal details, student number and course details). Mail merge will even let you manually adjust each letter. This feature is mainly recommended for use where a bulk mailout of hard copy is required.

For emailing or electronic document distribution, uReport allows you to bulk create documents, save against course enrolment record, email them and publish them for individual learners to access in their Learner App.

The following article explains how Mail Merge works in more detail: Mail Merge: How it works


The Wisenet Mail Merge function is currently only available for PC Users. It is not available for Mac users

Getting started with Mail Merge Common Mail Merge tasks Other useful Resources & troubleshooting
Mail Merge: How it works

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Create and upload a template

Edit and Delete existing templates

Mail Merge: Blank templates

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