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Logging in

  1. Open a web browser. Wisenet works best on Chrome, but also works well on Firefox and Safari. See Browser Compatibility
  2. Open the Wisenet webpage: wisenet.co
  3. Click 'Login' located in the top right hand corner of the page
  4. Put in your username and password. Remember the password is case-sensitive
  5. This will take you into the Portal. Click an icon to access a product or service.

About the Portal

The Portal is the screen where you can manage your account and access all your Wisenet platform products and services. Learn more about the Portal for users and administrators.

From your portal screen, click the application that you wish to access. This will open the application in another window.

Available Applications

Multiple Profiles

If you have multiple profiles you can only access one Learning Relationship Management account at a time. The logic is outlined below:

  1. Login to the portal
  2. Click on icon for 'ABC Account' which opens in a new tab
  3. Go back to portal tab without closing the ABC Student Admin tab
  4. Click on icon for '123 Account' which opens in a new tab
    • NB: Both LRM tabs will now be referencing the '123 Account'

My Account

In the Portal, click My Account to:

Help with using Wisenet products and services

Our Resource Centre has over 1375 articles and counting. You will find step by step instructions for first setup to reporting results and everything in between.

About Wisenet

Wisenet provides cloud solutions for training organisations. We offer a platform of integrated applications, including our own Wisenet Learning Relationship Management application, which is a government certified Student Management System in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore: we are AVETMISS(AUS) Australian government reporting instrument-, SDR(NZ) Single Data Return, NZ government reporting instrument- and NZQA(NZ) New Zealand Qualifications Authority-compliant.

Throughout the Resource Centre you will see references to Wisenet, which can be either the platform, the company or the Learning Relationship Management application. Usually the context will make clear what is being referred to. However, in case of any confusion please tell us with a support request so we can improve our documentation.

Portal Administration, Managing Users and Site Settings

See Wise.NET Portal: Administrator and Wise.NET Portal: Main Page for a wide range of settings for your Wisenet education platform products and services. Available to Portal Administrators only.

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